Are wedding planners worth it?


Fact Box

  • explains that a wedding planner's duties range from scheduling and attending all vendor meetings, helping to determine and manage the budget, coordinating hotel rooms and transportation, and overseeing everything on the wedding day. 
  • Wedding Planner Institute states that 'twenty-seven percent of couples getting married hire a professional wedding/event planner, with day-of planners being the most in-demand.'
  • The average cost for a 'day-of' wedding planner is $1,831, while a full-service wedding planner costs about $3,988, according to
  • Investopedia notes that the idea of wedding planners is not new, as 'the oldest planner trade organization dates back to the 1950s.'

Andrew (No)

The biggest reason people should forgo using a wedding planner is that they are prohibitively expensive. With the average cost of a wedding approaching twenty-eight thousand dollars, adding the extra fee of a wedding planner simply pushes the budget too far for many couples. While achieving a specific style and vibe for a wedding may seem daunting, it is quite possible to do without hiring a professional. It will take a fair amount of vision, work, and organization, but nearly anyone can do it with enough lead time. Further, planning one’s own wedding increases the chances of getting the desired look and feel exactly without anything getting lost in translation or, worse, choosing from options in a planner’s catalog. After all, nearly all of the resources that a professional would have access to are now available online for free.

As an alternative to using a wedding planner, many couples opt to rely on friends and family to organize and execute certain aspects of their weddings. This not only can save money but can also help to bring people together and make them feel that they are really a part of the special day. Friends and family often go above and beyond, adding personal touches, whereas a professional wedding planner is likely to view it as just another job. Perhaps a friend who is great with flowers would be interested in taking on the floral arrangements, or someone with a flair for decor could dress the reception hall. 

Finally, wedding planners are a relatively new concept looking to cash in on a task that couples have been doing for themselves practically since weddings were invented. 

Elisa (Yes)

Some wait their entire lives to plan their wedding, yet sadly, many ultimately lament their wedding choices, including style, food, and other important details. While wedding planners may seem like a waste of money to some, they are worth it to avoid a lifetime of regret. 

There is no doubt that wedding planning is stressful, and if a bride wants to look and feel her best on her wedding day, limiting stress is key. A wedding planner is paid and motivated to do a good job, and their experience and expertise will help a bride genuinely enjoy one of the most important days of her life. Instead of worrying about last-minute details and potential disasters, she can fully be present in the moment she's been waiting for and avoid dealing with the endless mistakes that many couples make. 

Further, women often have a distorted image of themselves, and a wedding planner--who is there every step of the way--makes sure everything is just right, which can help a bride look and feel her best. Wedding planners will be honest about every detail and offer advice to make a bride feel confident and glowing. Not only does a wedding planner take away anxiety, but they can ensure a wedding is picture-perfect by considering details that one may have never thought about. 

There are many myths about wedding planners, especially that they are overpriced. In the end, wedding planners can actually save you money, time, and stress, and most of all, they can ensure you have no regrets on a day you will look back on for the rest of your life.

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