Branch rewards

Earn Branches

  • Refer a friend (1 branch for each new user who redeems your code)
  • Vote on 2 articles (1 branch limit per day)
  • Get 5 upvotes on your comment (limit 1 branch per article)
  • Purchase branches
Earn Branches

Redeem Branches

  • Redeem for merchandise
  • Redeem to create User post
Redeem Branches

Earn Medals

  • Earn medals for earning branches
  • Medal displayed on profile
  • Bonus gifts 
Earn Medals
Or Take It To The Next Level!

Premium Membership

  • $3.99/mo
    4 Branches monthly bonus
  • Special P designation on profile
  • 1 Free My Post daily
  • 4 Daily branch out messages
  • Ad free experience