Cards Against Humanity vs. Apples to Apples: Which game is better?


Fact Box

  • Cards Against Humanity is a fill-in-the-blank party game that centers on adult-centered comedy that can be offensive and politically incorrect. 
  • Apples to Apples is a two-deck party game focused on creating entertaining combinations out of two categories: Things and Descriptions.
  • Apples to Apples is considered a game geared toward families and teens, while Cards Against Humanity steers towards an older, college-aged audience. 
  • On Board Game Geek, both games are very close in rank: Apples to Apples at 6,109 and Cards Against Humanity at 6,865.

Mark (Cards Against Humanity)

Cards Against Humanity is unquestionably superior to Apples to Apples. With just under 25,000 five-star reviews, Cards Against Humanity (CAH) is one of Amazon's top sellers. People have enjoyed hours of fun and socializing thanks to the game. In fact, when it comes to Apples to Apples, Cards Against Humanity is a far more bombastic and engaging game. CAH offers a simple concept that can be enjoyed for hours on end. As soon as you learn how the game is played, you quickly find it to be highly addictive. 

Cards Against Humanity causes you to be both strategic and creative. You can use these types of skills in many other areas of life. Likewise, playing a game like this can be a healthy form of mental exercise. The scenarios in CAH are so offbeat and irreverent that you can't help but find them hilarious and original. Conversely, Apples simply doesn't offer the same scope of self-expression that CAH does. The possibilities with CAH have the potential to be truly epic. 

Cards Against Humanity ensures that potential consumers aren't alienated by their content by providing a family edition of the game. The family edition is a toned-down version of the game that everyone can enjoy. Apples to Apples only has one version, and its appeal is decidedly more narrow than CAH. Perhaps most striking is how CAH nets around a million dollars in sales per MONTH. These statistics prove that Cards Against Humanity and Apples to Apples should not be mentioned in the same sentence. In many ways, CAH is far outside of Apples' league. 

Elisa (Apples to Apples)

Apples to Apples is a classic game held in high regard. Most reviewers agree that it's ‘easy to learn, quick to play (unless you get addicted and can't stop playing it), extremely fun to play, and very funny’ as well as ‘infinitely re-playable' because of its many cards. Several variations of the game are available so players will never get bored. While Apples may at first appear childish, it’s perfect for any occasion, and most of all, it's innocent fun—something often lacking in our modern world. 

Apples is a far better game than Cards Against Humanity (CAH), which relies solely on shock humor and crudeness. According to Slate, 'CAH so foregrounds its attempts at shock humor that it can be a pretty uncreative experience for the people playing…When every card contains a vulgar line, they're all about equally funny and equally special—or unspecial.' For those who have any sense of morality, playing CAH is simply a bad idea. 

CAH has contained toxic “jokes” about actual genocides, such as between the Hutus and the Tutsis and Jews in the Holocaust. While edgy or shocking humor can be funny, this takes it to an inappropriate level. Apples relies on an innocent way of bringing people together through friendly competition; CAH forces people to laugh ‘at the expense of others.' And while Apples stays out of the fray of political drama, CAH makes things worse. In October 2022, it started a 'Your State Sucks' campaign, which donated 100% of order profits to abortion funds in pro-life states—genuinely living up to its name.

Finally, a unique aspect of Apples to Apples is that it can be used as a party tool or an educational tool. Truly, Apples is the smarter and more wholesome choice in every way.

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