Is it right to raise children ‘nonbinary?’


Fact Box

  • According to, “The term non-binary includes any person who does not identify with a gender that falls within the traditional male/female or man/woman category.” 
  • As of October 2023, 14 US states have allowed parents to label their children's gender as 'X' on birth certificates, which “acts as a placeholder until the child is able to self-identify with a gender on their own.” 
  • A February 2022 Gallup report finds LGBTQ identification in the US has ticked up to 7.1%, up from 5.6% in 2021, with nearly 21% of Gen Z identifying as LGBTQ and 10% of respondents identifying as transgender. 
  • In a 2022 Morning Consult poll, about 62% of adults said they would be comfortable if their child came out as gay, lesbian, or bisexual, while 13% would not. 
  • Gender theory has produced a movement both in America and abroad where parents might raise their children as “theybies,” or without an explicit gender until the children can “decide” their gender for themselves.

Martin (Yes)

Non-binary parenting at any level has a common goal: creating a worldview that does not allow toxic stereotypes to dictate who a child can be. It is about making sensible parenting choices that do not sequester a child on a black-and-white path. Parenting non-binary liberates children from gender roles and gives them freedom of choice and expression. Even if children choose hobbies or playthings society perceives to be their gender, it's critical to steer from toxic stereotypes and discuss the children's motivations for such preferences.

Children get to be who they want to be without any restrictions. Typically, children don't reach their full potential when they're not free to be who they want to be, and non-binary people are no exception. They should be allowed to express themselves without being bullied or made to feel ashamed of who they are.

Non-binary children understand and familiarize themselves with opposite-gender interests from a young age. They can learn about what other kids like to try those activities themselves when they're older. Gender-neutral children have high self-confidence and esteem. They are often more confident than their peers because they feel accepted for who they are, regardless of gender.

Raising children non-binary is not permanent; things can change as often as the child likes and as they grow and develop. Non-binary children may identify as transgender or gender fluid later, but they're fully comfortable being themselves during childhood. Overall, the child's welfare retains primacy. Listening to and supporting them is critical to keep them happy, safe, and healthy.

Maha (No)

The terms 'gender' and 'sex' are inextricably linked. While gender stereotypes can and have always been defied by men and women in society, the false distinction that one's sex does not determine their gender was introduced by the controversial sexologist and pro-pedophile John Money in the 1950s. His ideas circulated in more than 30 million academic articles and are pervasive today. However, proponents of gender theory continue to contradict themselves, and it's alarming to see parents get tricked by such an anti-biological ideology

While parents believe they're giving their kids a choice, they're actually making a major decision on behalf of their kids by denying them the truth about who they are, as the idea that one can be the opposite sex of how they were born, both or neither sex is a lie. Perhaps most concerningly is how raising children in this ideology puts them on the path of later transition, which produces a lifetime of medicalization, painful genital mutilation and chemical castration, and high rates of depression and other mental health issues

Feeding into this belief also imposes even minor lifestyle choices onto the children, such as forcing gender-neutral fashion, colors, toys, or activities on their youth. Children may become confused and isolated from society and their peers if they are not given those gender categories to reference as they grow and learn. Ensuring gender neutrality in the house does not require that parents keep ‘secret’ from their children who they are or deny the existence of sex altogether. Parents must be equally invested in imparting their children good manners, ethics, and truth. And this includes raising them as they truly are, which is to say, how they were born.

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