Is 5G dangerous?


Fact Box

  • The phrase '5G' stands for fifth-generation mobile network. 
  • Once 5G is fully enabled and rolled out, it is supposed to be 600 times faster than 4G service.
  • According to a Pew Research study, 81% of Americans own a smartphone.
  • Around the world, people have been trying to burn down 5G towers, citing the technology’s purported link to the coronavirus. 

Michael (Yes)

Most people don't realize that the same technology utilized in 5G is also used in weaponry. 5G employs what is called 'extremely high frequency' EMF--the same range of EMF radiation used in anti-personnel weaponry like the Pentagon's own 'Pain Ray,' designed to fry a human target from a silent distance.

One could cite numerous studies as further proof of the danger, but whose ego is bloated enough to interpret the facts when the scientific authorities are already screaming their own concerns?

Two hundred fifty-three scientists actively working in the field of EMF studies have put forth an appeal, stating plainly, '... EMF affects living organisms at levels well below most international and national guidelines.' And they aren't just worried scientists; they are directors of major universities and institutions. That is a lot of authority!

And the rallying cry against EMF gets even more significant, as there's a second appeal, signed by an astounding 387 scientists! That's 640 signatures over two separate petitions! While the first appeal references the dangers of ALL EMF radiation, the second specifically targets 5G as being dangerous to human health. 

If you are too scared to read either appeal and see precisely what 'effects' EMF and 5G are correlated with, it is understandable. From cancer to reproductive harm, it's nothing that anyone wants.

But why take the risk in the first place? If what we do want is faster internet, the reasonable solution is simply to use a faster-than-5G 'future-proof' wired internet, at least until we develop a safer wireless technology. Because 5G just isn't the answer. 

Thomas (No)

People are scared. They hear rats 'heat up' when exposed to 5G; that 5G causes cancer; that 5G may have caused the coronavirus. Electromagnetic Radiation. It's a very sciency term, but it shouldn't scare us. Depending on the frequency, it could be your CB radio, your mobile phone (of every generation), or even ordinary light. The only difference between 4G and 5G is an increase in frequency, a mere 20Ghz. The difference between the colors red and blue is over 200 Trillion hertz, yet colors do not scare us. Neither should our phones.

The most prominent voice against 5G is the EMF Scientist Appeal. They are not experts. Their director, Elizabeth Kelly, has a Masters of Administration. She is not a scientist, nor a doctor--she is a businesswoman. Head Scientific Advisor is Dr. Magda Havas, who does have a Ph.D. in Botany and is an expert in her field of acid rain pollution. Her work on 5g? It is done out of her basement. When The New York Times asked about what a 5G wave could do to our body, Christopher M Collins, Professor of Radiology at NYU, was succinct: 'It doesn't penetrate.'

Dr. David Grimes, Cancer Researcher at The University of Oxford, elaborates, ' frequencies (and indeed, visible light) are notoriously low energy and non-ionizing, lacking the ability to wreak havoc […] Scaremongering narratives may be more alluring than the less sensational, scientific findings...' It should come as no surprise to anyone following the news where this scaremongering narrative is coming from, of course. It comes from Russia.

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