Android vs. iPhone: Which is better?


Fact Box

  • After more than two years of development, Apple released its iPhone, a smartphone “combining mobile telephone, digital camera, music player, and personal computing technologies,” in 2007.
  • Google acquired the Android operating system from a software development company in 2005, with the first “commercially available Android-powered device…[hitting] the marketplace in 2008.”
  • US News & World Report ranked the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 and the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 as the best cell phones of 2023.
  •  According to a Slickdeals survey, iPhone users are “generally happier, more extroverted, more adventurous, and make more money than Android users.”

Gina (iPhone)

Smartphones have become tools upon which a large portion of the world's population depends. When examining which smartphone is better, we must examine how it impacts its users' lives. Apple products are designed to address the concerns about consumers' lifestyles, 'focusing more on customer needs.' Apple also recognizes they are selling products to people who are not computer savvy; as CEO Tim Cook says, 'We believe in the simple, not the complex.' 

Apple stands behind its values. They are environmentally friendly, offer free education on their products, focus on inclusion and diversity, only use supply chains that match their values, and offer accessibility for the blind, deaf, non-able-bodied, and cognitively impaired. Not only are Apple stores a great convenience, but they are also a place where you can see their values in action. As if all of this were not enough, a survey done by slickdeals also shows that iPhone users 'were twenty-seven percent more likely to say they were very happy with their lives.'

FaceTime and iMessage are services unique to iPhone. The convenience of FaceTime is that it allows you to video call with any Apple device. And when communicating via iMessages with other iPhone users, not only is there peace of mind knowing the messages are encrypted and cannot be seen by others, but there are added benefits like device synching, stickers and effects, read receipts, and live typing that Android messaging doesn’t default to. 

Steve Jobs created the foundation on which Apple stands today. The company's commitment to values, morals, and innovation without compromise makes the iPhone the clear choice in the smartphone debate. And consumers agree--with Statista reporting that Apple claims more than half of the smartphone market and continues to rise. 

Luke (Android)

In the seemingly endless battle between Android and iPhone, Android has remained the global favorite for the past decade. While some may prefer the branding associated with Apple and iPhone, Android’s customizability and widely varying phone styles and prices make it a great choice, especially for those familiar with using technology. 

While the iPhone focuses on making interactions simple, it inadvertently hinders advanced users from fully customizing their phones to their liking. The issue is becoming so glaring with recent releases that avid iPhone users are calling for more customization options, an issue that would be laughable in the Android world. 

Another reason for Android’s attractiveness is the extensive range of options given to developers to produce interesting apps, both on and off the market. While this openness does make Android more vulnerable to more illicit products, from a developer’s perspective, Android is akin to free-roaming, while iPhone is strict and sterile. 

When it comes to pricing options, there is no question Android offers the widest range, from the cheapest options to the most expensive. This range of pricing also comes with a seemingly endless number of options for phones and features. Additionally, Android phones are created by numerous companies--keen to release the latest advances in smartphone gadgetry--while Apple phones are tied to Apple’s release schedule, independent of advances. Android offers better customization, is more developer friendly, and has an impressive range of phone options and pricing, making it simply a better choice over an iPhone.

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