Is Ice Cube hypocritical to work with Trump for Black progress?


Fact Box

  • Ice Cube is an actor and rapper who gained popularity in the late 1980s. He was initially a member of rap group, N.W.A., with Dr. Dre, Eazy-E, DJ Yella, and MC Ren before hitting it big as a solo artist.
  • Since 1988, Ice Cube has been “speaking out against police brutality” with his controversial album Straight Outta Compton.  
  • Amidst the protests after the death of George Floyd, Ice Cube penned “Contract with Black America,” a call to action to patriotically “promote our shared prosperity and achieve racial economic justice.” 
  • Ice Cube stated that he was contacted by both political parties in reference to his Contract, but chose to work with President Trump. He was criticized for working with the “Darkside” and replied, “Every side is the Darkside for us here in America. They’re all the same until something changes for us. They all lie and they all cheat but we can’t afford not to negotiate with whoever is in power or our condition in this country will never change. Our justice is bipartisan.”

Tyler (Yes)

While it may seem that rapper/actor Ice Cube's sudden acquaintance with the Trump administration is an attempt to cross political lines to help the African-American community, Ice Cube contradicts many of his past statements regarding President Trump by working with his administration in any capacity. 

In Ice Cubes 2018 song 'Arrest the President,' he asserted Donald Trump was part of Russian Intelligence and disrespected the White House. In 2019, he released a music video on his Instagram featuring 'evidence' of Trump's alleged collusion with Russia. If Ice Cube truly believes his claims, working with Russian Intelligence to facilitate the African-American community's needs is quite questionable. Ice Cube has held strong stances against law enforcement over the years, including his song 'F*ck The Police.' However, by linking himself with someone who has downplayed police brutality and criticized those who choose to protest against it, this discredits his position. In the past few months, Trump has compared police brutality to 'golfers missing a 3-foot putt' and has demanded to 'give law enforcement their power back.'

In 2016, Ice Cube promised never to show any form of support to Trump. As someone who has demonstrated an abundance of political and social consciousness over the years, Ice Cube's decision to work with Trump may influence people to vote for the same person he once demanded should be arrested. While him assisting the president in developing a plan doesn't necessarily equal a vote, the fact that he has not denounced the president's actions since beginning to work with him is a red flag to some.

Elizabeth (No)

Accusing Ice Cube of hypocrisy for having the boldness to collaborate with Trump is ridiculous and indicative of what's currently wrong in the US politically and socially. Ice Cube has put serious time and effort into his CWBA. According to Cube, both parties reached out to him, but Biden's campaign wanted to address it after the election, whereas the Trump administration wanted to meet now in order to tweak their 'Platinum Plan.'

Despite his faults, Trump has worked hard during his first term to level the playing field for the black community. The fact that the media have largely ignored these efforts is similar to the feigned outrage by many regarding Ice Cube's input. In the same way that giving credit where it's due when Trump does something good doesn't negate the stupid thing said or done in the next moment, Ice Cube's advice to Trump's Platinum Plan doesn't stink of 'complicity' with the Bad Orange Man. Cube knows and has lived the reality that faces many Black Americans. He also seems like an intelligent man. He can both be disgusted by much of Trump's often off putting personality and narcissism while simultaneously appreciating Trump's ongoing policy efforts to right previous wrongs facing Black Americans.

If we aren't allowed the opportunity for nuance and change, we're all in serious trouble. The fact that Ice Cube has, in the past, expressed criticism of Trump in no way disallows him from seeing the value in a current plan. Nor does it imply he didn't actually mean the things he previously said.

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