Should Nancy Pelosi be re-elected as Speaker of the House?


Fact Box

  • Nancy Pelosi is the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and representative of San Francisco, California’s 12th District in Congress. She made history in 2007 as the first woman to serve as the Speaker. During her three terms, she has fought for the rights of US citizens, affordable healthcare, worker pay, economic growth, and exposing corruption.
  • Friday, October 6, Pelosi announced her run for re-election as House Speaker for an additional two years. In her personalized letters to House Democrats, she planned to address progress for the American people, a science-based plan to “defeat coronavirus, and work towards improved healthcare and economy. 
  • Elections for House Democrats will begin November 18. Pelosi is expected to be re-elected without a challenge although some Democrats are frustrated.
  • Pelosi currently has a 37% approval rating. She is the 14th most popular Democrat, and described as “intelligent, progressive, liberal, and influential” by fans.

Andrew (Yes)

Nancy Pelosi has shown she possesses the skills and ability to lead the diverse members of her caucus through many major challenges she faced during her time as Speaker of the House. For that, she should remain as the majority leader. Pelosi managed to get all of her different factions on board and working together through a tumultuous impeachment process, a number of government shutdown disputes, and the battle over coronavirus stimulus. Her track record as an efficient leader and her long list of achievements prove that even at 80 years old, she is still the woman for the job. 

Pelosi should remain as the Speaker of the House because she has support from all of the different factions within the notoriously divided Democratic Party. Even the most progressive members of the caucus, namely Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, have expressed support. From time to time, factions have come into conflict with the Speaker, yet she has always managed to keep the party unified.

Nancy Pelosi is an effective political operator who has shown she isn’t afraid to stand up to opponents, namely the president. She chooses her battles wisely and has an instinct for compromise. In the age of hyper-partisan Washington, this pragmatism allows her to actually get things done—something Americans on both sides of the political divide have expressed a desire to accomplish. Her ability to get the impeachment of President Trump moving is a strong example of a time when Pelosi faced criticism from all sides and many obstacles, yet managed to prevail with her goal. 

Mandy (No)

Nancy Pelosi's position as Speaker of the House in 2020 was especially appalling. She chose to polarize every action and resist compromises. While Americans stood in food lines, she chose to show off her $25,000 fridge full of $13 premium ice cream. After Republicans and Democrats agreed on a COVID stimulus bill, she nuked the deal, denying Americans timely checks they desperately needed. 

From failed impeachment to delaying stimulus checks, it seems her goal in everything she did this year was in an effort to make Republicans look bad and not actually help people. She and Schumer blocked the mostly bipartisan Police Reform bill that would have made a huge impact in poor communities, instead choosing the empty gesture of kneeling in the hallways with Kente Cloth. This did nothing to help black communities and enraged many Black activists. 

There were multiple times that her attitude left no room for compromise, as she even refused to speak to Trump directly. When Trump said, 'Move Fast! I'm waiting to sign' a bill to give Americans another stimulus check, she still refused to pass it because it might make Republicans look good before the election. Democrats grew tired of her antics, even urging her to accept the Republican Senate and Trump's offer to pass the relief bill.  

With 33 years in office and a net worth of over $202 million, her family has been accused of insider trading, real estate nepotism, PPP scandal, and overall corruption for years, all while they let San Francisco decay into a homeless and unsanitary dystopia. Americans deserve a Speaker who works humbly and tirelessly for their best interests. Pelosi is not that person and never was.

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