Is Chris Christie right that Trump's legal team is a “national embarrassment?"


Fact Box

  • Chris Christie is a lawyer and politician who served as the attorney for the district of New Jersey, and governor of New Jersey for eight years. During his service, he prosecuted 130 public officials over corruption without losing a case. 
  • President Trump’s legal team consists of Rudy Giuliani, Joseph diGenova, Victoria Toensing, Sidney Powell, and Jenna Ellis. 
  • On Sunday, Trump distanced himself from legal team member, Powell, after her incorrect statements about Georgia’s fraud in the election and conspiracy theories. 
  • November 22, Christie called out President Trump’s legal team a “national embarrassment” for their legal battles with the election results.

Elliot (No)

Referring to Trump's legal team as an 'embarrassment' is inherently wrong, as it creates further division within an already fractured country. Remember, Trump represents roughly half of Americans. Why not refer to his legal team as 'troubling,' 'incorrect,' or 'misguided,' rather than an emotionally-charged, denigrating term like 'national embarrassment?' This is similar to Hillary Clinton's 'deplorable' gaffe - it serves no one. Why pour fuel on an already blazing fire? Perhaps Christie enjoys watching the flames, or maybe he simply wants to bask in the limelight of media attention.

Like it or not, a large number of Americans believe our electoral system is fraudulent or flawed. In order to address this division and reestablish confidence in our democracy, Trump's legal team must be allowed to make its case without interference, mockery, or censorship. Let the legal system run its course. If electoral officials and those responsible for the electoral process have nothing to fear, then why not allow Trump's legal team to show their evidence? The courts are non-partisan and transparent. The public will be able to see for itself the evidence brought forth. 

Any attempt to delegitimize Trump's legal team damages the overall legal process and an important (bipartisan) foundation of our democracy. If the evidence holds weight, then the American people should be able to see it without interference from bias or mockery. If the evidence doesn't stand up to scrutiny, then so be it. But we must let the proper legal process unfold. Name-calling does not address the fact that millions of Americans have lost faith in our electoral process. In fact, this behavior only makes things worse. 

Kevin (Yes)

As Chris Christie said in an interview on ABC's This Week, 'They allege fraud outside of the courtroom but...inside the courtroom they don't plead fraud,' which seems to imply that they have no evidence of the fraud they claim in public. Even the hosts of Fox & Friends, who were supportive of Trump throughout his presidency, and seemed well-liked by him in return, have started suggesting he should cooperate with the Biden transition team. Now that the GSA has given the Biden team their 'letter of ascertainment,' there seems to be no leg left for Trump to stand on, but he still seems determined to fight.

On top of all this, the Trump legal team faced embarrassment from a recent media event when it was revealed the team apparently booked at the wrong 'Four Seasons' to announce their big news outside of. This does paint a picture of desperation. Politico described Rudy Giuliani's November 19th press conference as 'a web of mistruths,' pointing to the fact that his statements described an 'alternate political reality.' As they point out, even 'senior Trump aides' have backed off from the situation, viewing it with embarrassment.

It is a bad look to have the supposed leader of a country who so often criticizes other nations, such as Venezuela, on their elections when his legal team is making seemingly baseless public accusations about his own nation's election validity. It is also worth considering that undermining trust in elections at a time when youth engagement in politics seems to be on the rise is an unfortunate possible side-effect of such actions.

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