Is Texas right to sue four states over election rule changes?


Fact Box

  • Election Day was Tuesday, November 3, 2020. 
  • Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the amount of mail-in-ballots skyrocketed. Tensions over mail-in-ballots were high as many believed fraud to come hand-in-hand with absentee voting. 
  • As of Saturday, November 7, media channels like CNN, PBS, Fox News, and Facebook broadcasted that Biden won the election with 290 electoral votes against Trump’s 214 votes. 
  • Attorney General Barr said December 1 that the US Justice Department has seen “no evidence of widespread voter fraud” that could change the results of the election.
  • On Tuesday, December 8, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton filed a lawsuit against the election results in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin, and Michigan saying the “coronavirus pandemic was used as an excuse to unlawfully change their results deeming them unconstitutional.”

Bill (Yes)

Texas was right to file a lawsuit to ensure election integrity. The litigation alleges that the key battleground states of Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin used their citizens' fear of COVID to drive up the number of absentee and mail-in ballots. Additionally, the lawsuit contends the 'Defendant States' also flouted federal and state election laws and illegally passed rushed changes through their state legislatures, thus altering the Presidential Election results. 

In Pennsylvania, 'ballots lacking a clear postmark could be counted unless there was evidence that they were mailed after the polls closed.' This controversial change opened the door to deliberate efforts to collect and submit fraudulent ballots. The Texas lawsuit alleges several examples of voter fraud and irregularities that took place in the Defendant States. In Georgia, an estimated 20,312 people illegally voted since they did not meet residency requirements. In Pennsylvania, over 58,000 'mail-in ballots were received on or BEFORE the mailed date.' Also, another 51,000 ballots arrived a day after the postmark. This suspicious total is more than enough to change the state's election result.  

The Texas AG's filing highlights the extent of the election night irregularities by referencing a statistical analysis that determined the odds that Biden would be able to overcome Trump's 3 AM election night lead in all four states is one in a quadrillion. By allowing illegal ballots to be cast, the Defendant States effectively nullified their state election results. It disenfranchised the voters of other states since the electoral vote total of the four states in question proved to be enough to tip the election to Biden. 

Tyler (No)

The State of Texas's lawsuit contesting the election results in four major US states is completely baseless and lacks any formal evidence. Making misguided claims about the United States' future political landscape will only further the growing divide between political parties. Before analyzing these unsubstantiated claims, it is crucial to acknowledge who is presenting these allegations. The Texas state Attorney General suing these states is facing charges of fraud himself. Ken Paxton has himself been charged with two counts of security fraud and one count of working as an advisor without legal registration and approval. While Paxton was indicted for these crimes five years ago, he is still yet to face a jury.

While the suit argues that states should and need to control their own elections, it then contradicts itself by essentially criticizing the states for taking matters into their own hands. After stating this, Paxton then claimed states should be allowed to arbitrate another state's election. Whether Paxton is knowingly exhibiting blatant hypocrisy or just completely unaware, his assertions should not be taken seriously. 

While Texas alleges over 80,000 votes are missing, they were not able to prove this at all. US Attorney General William Barr stated there is not nearly enough evidence to overturn the election in Donald Trump's favor up to this point. While unproven claims of election fraud continue to be spotlighted by the president himself, a great portion of the nation has the opportunity to be misinformed.

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