Is Alex Jones inciting violence with his comments on Biden?


Fact Box

  • Alex Jones is a right-wing radio host from Texas, running both The Alex Jones Show and, a conspiracy theory site. 
  • As of Saturday, November 7, media channels like CNN, PBS, Fox News, and Facebook broadcasted that Biden won the election with 290 electoral votes against Trump’s 214 votes. 
  • During a Trump rally in Washington, DC, Jones stated, “Joe Biden is a globalist, and Joe Biden will be removed, one way or another!”
  • Jones has been removed from social media platforms in the past for “promoting violence and hate.”

Bonnie (No)

Alex Jones' comment that 'Joe Biden will be removed one way or another' will only incite as much violence as Trump's detractors want it to. They will repeat it continually in the media out of context to stir people up. Mr. Jones' speech during last Saturday's Jericho March was entirely about God's control of earthly affairs. Jones was implying God would be the One to remove Joe Biden from the Presidency. Jones made no suggestion that Trump's supporters do anything. 

Many on the political left have made statements considerably stronger than Jones' remarks. Democrats frequently make comments that could easily incite violence, such as the remark by Maxine Waters in 2018 when she told protestors to harass Trump supporters wherever they find them. Actor Peter Fonda in 2018 called for Barron Trump to be kidnapped and put in a cage with pedophiles. Still others have called for all Trump supporters to be sent to reeducation camps like the CCP maintains or even death camps. 

At the same time, untrue things the left has accused the President of could potentially cause violence against his supporters. For example, in 2018, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi bemoaned, 'I just don't know why there aren't uprisings all over the country' after falsely accusing the President and republicans of being enemies of the state for supposedly doing things like suppressing votes and diminishing the postal system. These examples clearly demonstrate that the political left continually accuses conservatives of doing exactly what they themselves are doing.

Andrew (Yes)

Presidents are installed and removed by the ballot box; when Alex Jones stated that President-Elect Joe Biden would be removed 'one way or the other,' he is clearly suggesting violence. Jones, who has a large radio and internet following, is acting with complete disregard for the law, safety, and common decency when he suggests that violence may be a solution to remove a democratically elected president.

Jones knows his audience. He knows that there are 'lone wolf' conspiracy theorists who listen to him regularly. It is quite clear that many of these individuals have weapons. In this age of mass communication, where it is so easy for disaffected individuals to become radicalized online, the efforts to incite violence by Jones seem increasingly deliberate. Defenders of Jones will doubtless claim he is simply a provocateur. But on this occasion, that defense fails. Words matter and have consequences; Jones has openly called for his followers to commit political violence.

With legal actions put forth by President Trump's various legal teams failing, and the simple fact that Biden clearly won the election, opposition to Biden seems to have run out of options; unfortunately, this has led some, like Jones, to attempt inciting violence. Rather than use the fury that some of his followers have expressed to channel political engagement toward elected officials for policy demands, Jones has resorted to stirring up violence. There are plenty of perfectly legal and civil ways that opposition figures can work against a president. By choosing to suggest that President-Elect Biden could be removed by force, it is clear that Alex Jones wants bloodshed.

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