Is Sen. Scott right 'woke supremacy is as bad as white supremacy?'


Fact Box

  • Republican Timothy Scott has been the junior Senator of South Carolina since 2013, serving the people through his Opportunity Zones initiative and continued focus on “workforce development, education, and diversity.”
  • White supremacy describes a belief system of White privilege, meaning they should have dominance over diverse peoples and are superior in culture and genetic makeup. 
  • The term “woke” originated from African American Vernacular English as an alternative word to “awake.” Since 2017, it has become “part of a wider movement” related to social justice and acute awareness to racial injustice. 
  • Sen. Scott told Fox News that “woke supremacy is as bad as white supremacy” in reference to MSNBC’s Joy Reid suggesting Scott’s inclusion at a press conference as a “patina of diversity” in the party. CNN’s Don Lemon aired his frustration with Scott saying “woke supremacists” were not involved with lynching, storming the Capitol, or attacking police. 
  • In October of 2020, Department of Homeland Security estimated that White supremacists would be the most “persistent and lethal threat’’ through early 2021.

Andrew (No)

Senator Scott's claim that 'woke supremacy is as bad as white supremacy' is laughable at best. While those making overt displays of 'wokeness' can come across as obnoxious, they are far from dangerous. White supremacists in America have made threats of violence against minorities, political adversaries, and judges, and multiple reports of arms stockpiles and training exercises have been made. It is surprising that Senator Scott cannot seem to understand how threats and preparation for violence are more dangerous than words from those seeking an equitable peaceful society. While one group can come across as mildly irritating, the other is actively plotting for the destruction of minorities and those who oppose their extremist views. Any attempt to relate white supremacist actions with those engaging in 'woke culture' is simply an attempt to muddy the waters with false equivalencies.

Senator Scott and his fellow Republicans have been waging war on cancel culture and political correctness as a form of distraction from the tumultuous Trump presidency and years of Republican inactivity on issues that matter to everyday Americans. This particular attempt to hijack and divert discussion from reality came in the wake of FBI Director Christopher Wray's announcement that there is a significant threat from white supremacist groups in America, particularly following the January 6th Capitol riot. It's not surprising that Republicans would want to divert attention away from their enabling of former President Trump and his followers' delusions, leading to bloodshed at the Capitol. Perhaps instead of shifting blame to those working to improve society, they should take responsibility for their actions.


Bill (Yes)

Sen. Scott is right to say, 'woke supremacy is as bad as white supremacy.' Both ideologies are warped—they discriminate against others who don't possess the desired credentials. White supremacy favors Caucasians over Blacks, while woke supremacy favors far-Left ideological and socialist orthodoxy over traditional Western values. The arrogance of woke supremacy is that it asserts that there is only one acceptable point-of-view on matters of politics, culture, language, etc. Woke supremacy is associated with cancel culture, which 64% of Americans believe is a threat to our freedoms. The radical Left requires fanatical adherence to its narrow view of the world. The woke supremacy litmus test applies 2021 Socialist values on historic Western values, culture, and notable figures throughout history.

The Urban Dictionary describes 'woke supremacy' as being marked by 'the power to name and shame, to demand abject apologies, to obliterate reputations and careers as well as lives.' The tactics employed by the woke social-justice warriors include toppling statues and unleashing online and literal mobs to 'silence anyone who dissents against Leftist narratives.'  

Woke supremacy is especially condescending to minorities as it demands that they conform monolithically and immovably to the approved orthodoxy of the far Left and asserts all those who disagree with them are racist. Group identity reigns supreme over individual differences. Woke supremacy is in a hyper state of readiness to be offended and to unleash a cultural boycott on the objects of its rage. In a recent (and troubling) development, Beethoven's classical music masterpieces have come under fire. As Jonathan S. Tobin writes in the New York Post, 'the war on Western civilization will leave nothing sacred untouched. If Beethoven can be canceled, nothing is safe.'

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