Is US gov report right no evidence UFOs were alien?


Fact Box

  • UFOs, which stands for unidentified flying objects, are non necessarily alien, but objects in the sky that cannot be classified. 
  • Friday, June 4, 2021, US intelligence authorities found “no evidence” that UFOs seen recently were related to aliens, but they also did not dismiss it. Congress is set to release an unclassified report on June 25, 2021; most reports are from the Navy.
  • The report in question identified over 120 encounters with UFOs over a timespan of 20 years that did not come from the American military or US technology. 
  • An Insider poll revealed that one in five Americans believe that aliens have visited Earth.

Ethan (No)

It wouldn't be an impossible assumption that the United States government is simply lying about the status of the UFOs. The panic caused by the knowledge that there are aliens out there, and they've found Earth, would be insane. The government may simply be lying to cover up the truth. There are already suspicions that the government is hiding proof of alien life in Area 51. 

They don't know for sure that the objects weren't alien because they don't know what they could have been. According to the New York Times, the government 'still cannot explain the unusual movements that have mystified scientists and the military.' If they can't explain it, how do we know, as citizens, that they're simply hiding the truth and trying to come up with a good lie to keep us all from panicking? Our world is so technologically connected that it doesn't make sense for the government not to at least know if someone can create the technology that was observed and who could create it. The evidence that those were, possibly, alien aircraft is found in the fact that they can't (or won't) tell us what the UFOs are if not aliens. 

There is the possibility that another life is out there, and the UFOs could be the proof. NASA has evidence of 'liquid water' flowing on 'today's Mars,' which, as we know, is the liquid that makes life possible. This means there is the possibility of other life in our galaxy and that could have been what those Navy pilots saw in the sky. 

Tyler (Yes)

The United States government's assertion that there has been no evidence of alien life is true. While UFOs have been spotted and documented, the contents within are still a mystery. Although one may immediately assume that 'aliens' operate every UFO, there are other possible explanations for these mysterious apparatus. 

Astrophysicist Christopher Conselice claims a cause of these UFO sightings is that they are simply reflections of other objects flying from far away. However, Conselice doesn't deny the possibility of other civilizations within the galaxy due primarily to the fact that Earth's technological civilization has been intact for 100 years. Beings within other ethereal civilizations may intentionally have developed ways not to be detected by cameras from other galaxies to ensure their own safety. 

Astrophysicists from the University of Nottingham in England estimated there are just 36 alien societies in a galaxy containing billions of stars, making it highly unlikely any would settle on Earth. These civilizations would have to accrue the amount of technology to travel 17,000 lightyears for detection from Earth to be possible. Before traveling this distance, these 'aliens' would need a way to even identify Earth within our own galaxy from thousands of lightyears away.

Another possible cause of these unidentified objects is that they are classified as crafts from foreign militaries. Other nations may intentionally send spyware aircraft into the United States without the desire of it returning to their own country once the information is attained. If these objects had no return route, it would not be this easy to trace their starting point.

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