Is TX right banning transgender females from female sports?


Fact Box

  • A ‘transgender woman’ is a male-to-female person; a person born male but whose gender identity is female. ‘Transgender’ is defined as “of, relating to, or being a person whose gender identity differs from the sex the person has or was identified as having at birth.”
  • On October 25, 2021, Texas Governor Greg Abbott issued House Bill 25 restricting male students from competing in K-12 female sports. Sports teams will be determined by biological sex, not gender identity. There is no mention of ‘trans’ or ‘transgender’ students in the bill
  • On January 20, 2021, President Biden issued an executive order allowing trans student athletes to participate in sports corresponding to their gender identity.
  • Ten states have legislation against transgender students joining female sports teams due to their gender identity and not their biological sex. 
  • About 0.58% of adults in the United States are transgender.

Jani (No)

The Texas state legislature has wandered into new territory by banning transgender athletes from girls' sports. This decision reverberates discrimination from top authorities down into the schools. It removes options from parents and students who may not be happy with their local school policy because changing districts no longer offer more opportunities or a clean slate. When policy mandates come from the state, they should promote diversity and inclusion without discrimination. 

Banning transgender athletes from competing in girls' sports is a dangerous move that sends the wrong message. Prohibiting any single group of people from sports or extracurricular activities promotes discrimination. If a state doesn't require its athletes to practice diversity and inclusion, how then can we expect young people to model that behavior? 

Restricting sports participation based on stereotypes does nothing for the image of young women who are already struggling to be accepted. The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) of Psychiatry notes that rejection of gender identity increases the already staggering number of suicide incidents among young people. How could they feel anything but rejected when banned from competing in sporting events based on their gender?

Some argue that transgender women have an unfair biological advantage, but Dr. Joshua Safer, who works at Mount Sinai Hospital, says, 'A person's internal and external reproductive anatomy are not useful indicators of athletic performance.' Even the ACLU recognizes various athletic abilities in all athletes regardless of gender. The state of Texas should mandate acceptance rather than discrimination based on gender identity.

Curtice (Yes)

Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s recent signing of a bill protecting female sports supports one simple truth: transgender females are biological males. Those who claim the Texas legislature deny the science on COVID-19 protocols or climate change policies have begun to regularly deny basic biology and what humans have known for millennia, primarily that men and women differ physiologically. Likewise, it's confirmed biological men have an athletic advantage over women, regardless of hormone therapy.

Allowing transgender female athletes to compete in female sports gives them an inherently unfair physical advantage over biological females. That does not mean that every transgender female athlete will excel in female sports, but the inherent physical advantage of a male body compared to a female body remains. There certainly have been instances where transgender female athletes dominated their biological female competition.

Critics argue this and similar laws in other states are hate-based. This is a slanderous assumption against anyone interested in preserving facts that directly shape the crafting of policies as well as preserving the truth. To quote JK Rowling, who has addressed the trans debate in an open letter and tweets, 'It isn't hate to speak the truth.'

Likewise, the nation recently learned of a biological male transgender student who allegedly raped a female student in a school bathroom in Loudoun County, Virginia. Girls should not have to share single-sex spaces, such as athletic locker rooms, with biological boys.

Anyone is free to make the case that there should be no distinction between male and female athletics in high school. But denying facts and science and the fundamental physical advantages biological males have over females only further promotes woke ideology and falsehood.

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