'I have probably outperformed what anybody thought would happen’: Is Biden right about first year?

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  • One year later, on the eve of President Biden’s inauguration, he gave a speech marking his first-year progress. In response to a reporter, he asserted, “Look, I didn’t overpromise, but I have probably outperformed what anybody thought would happen. The fact of the matter is that we’re in a situation where we have made enormous progress.” 
  • The White House recorded fast facts and claims regarding his speech: more than 6 million jobs were created, the unemployment rate dropped 6.2% since Biden’s first day, almost five million Americans have gained health insurance, and more about climate investment, personnel, and legislation. 
  • Gallup polls reported at the start of Biden’s presidency, he had a 57% approval rating and by January 19, 2022, his year average rating fell to 48.9%. Of post-World War II presidents in their first term, Trump and Clinton ranked alongside Biden at 38.4% and 49.3%. 
  • On Biden’s first day in office, he rejoined the Paris Accords as well as the WHO, ordered a federal mask mandate, ended the Trump-era travel ban, as well as 13 other orders.
  • Joseph R. Biden, Jr. was inaugurated as the 46th president on Wednesday, January 20, 2021.

Morgan (Yes)

Biden's first year was spent in the midst of a pandemic, making it not only an unusual first year in office but also exceptionally more difficult. Despite COVID-19, the President made a number of changes that have benefitted or will benefit the United States. The American Rescue Plan provided desperately needed Covid-19 relief aid, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law was created, and his domestic policy bill, which is currently stalled in the Senate, are all prime examples of the progress that Biden has made. Biden also immediately reentered the US into the Paris Climate Accord—just one month after being sworn in as President. 

Likewise, under Biden's first year, the stock market has seen improvement despite the pandemic, and the unemployment rate dropped from 6.2% to 3.9%, 'the biggest single year drop in American history,' according to the White House

Biden's first year also resulted in the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, bringing thousands of Americans home. Despite the loss and hardship that came from the withdrawal from Afghanistan, Biden stuck to his guns on ending the 20-year war—a decision that was always going to be anything but smooth. 

Where President Biden was unable to meet expectations, his actions were stalled by political opponents who weren't cooperating with Biden's attempts to restore normalcy to the US presidency. After a tumultuous four years under former President Donald Trump, Biden reinstated the professionalism and respect that comes with being the President and took steps to reunite a divided country through policies and plans that focused on advancing racial and gender equality—all without a Twitter suspension.

Curtice (No)

If Joe Biden believes he has 'outperformed what anybody thought would happen,' that’s a delusion. No reasonable observer looking at objective facts could possibly conclude this. Recent polls reflect he hasn't even met the expectations of Americans who voted for him.

During Biden's campaign and once he took office, he repeatedly said he would 'shut down the virus.' Yet, one year later, the pandemic continues. He botched the withdrawal from Afghanistan. He was told the Taliban would most likely take over shortly after we withdrew, yet he did so anyway, and badly. He left people behind, even after promising to get everyone out who wanted to get out. Many still remain.

Inflation is now at 7%, the highest since 1982. It isn't 'transitory,' as Biden and his administration repeatedly claimed for months. Likewise, the bare shelves at grocery stores is not a myth, as he has claimed, as supply chain issues continue without any solution in sight. Biden also campaigned on student loan forgiveness. To date, this remains unaccomplished. If Americans have learned anything during Biden's political career, it's if Joe says it, the opposite is true. He promised to bring civility and unity into the presidency. Yet, in his Georgia speech pushing for unconstitutional federal election reform, he likened those who oppose it to Bull Conner and other known racists

But he has not only seen disaster on the these issues. As recently as his press conference this week, he practically invited Putin to move into Ukraine, which sparked refutal from Ukrainian's President. Biden has likewise seemed confused about China's interests in Taiwan, thus projecting weakness and confusion internationally.

Biden's first year as President has been marked by incompetence, confusion, and incoherence. There is a reason his approval ratings are at historic lows.

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