Is Disney right to remove ‘boys and girls’ from all park greetings?


Fact Box

  • According to Vivian Warem, Disney's diversity and inclusion manager, all Disney parks are changing their greetings to gender neutral wording based on a video tweet posted by writer Christopher F. Rufo. Phrases are now “hello everyone,” “hello friends,” and “dreamers of ages.” 
  • On July 2, 2021, the Walt Disney Resort in Orlando, Florida removed their introductory greeting “Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls” from the Magic Kingdom fireworks show as an effort to be more inclusive. 
  • On April 13, 2021, Disney Parks Chairman Josh D’Amaro announced a change to the company’s guest service tradition of The Four Keys - Safety, Courtesy, Show and Efficiency to add Inclusion as a fifth key. He stated, “Inclusion is essential to our culture and leads us forward as we continue to realize our rich legacy of engaging storytelling, exceptional service, and Disney magic.” 
  • A 2021 Pew Research Center poll found that 42% of Americans know someone who is transgender. Half would feel comfortable using gender-neutral pronouns while 48% had the opposite sentiments.

Siam (Yes)

America is in a transition phase concerning society's understanding of sexuality, gender, and where that fits inside culture. Over the past few years, the subject of gender has become confusing, chaotic, and even volatile. People are getting offended when not being called by their correct gender or pronoun. Lawsuits by the dozens have been filed by politicians, school boards, and sports teams when it comes to the incorrect use of gender. Disney has taken the correct step to simplify matters by removing the announcement greeting 'ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls' from their parks. Disney believes that removing all gendered greetings will create a more welcoming environment for guests who no longer identify with traditional gender roles, including female or male. 

In the long run, axing gendered language will hopefully create a more gender-inclusive environment where everyone is accepted in a meaningful way irrespective of their gender status. Not every young girl visiting Disney wants to be a princess, and not every young boy wants to be a prince. Disney's decision to remove gendered language from its parks was pushed forward as it countered Florida's recent legislation, which many believe will undermine the rights of LGBTQ individuals.

Disney's approach to using gender-neutral language is not novel or unique. British Airways has already instructed crew members to drop gender-based greetings like 'ladies and gentleman,' instead using gender-neutral language, like 'hello everyone.' Times are changing in America, and to avoid unnecessary litigation, more companies will follow the Disney route and remove gender-based greetings. Going gender-neutral will be a win and more inclusive for everyone in the long run.

Curtice (No)

Disney's decision to drop 'boy and girls' to address guests at its theme parks is an obvious virtue signal to their progressive base, who now deny the existence of the gender binary in favor of promoting gender ideology and confusion amongst children. The reality is, no matter how one identifies, there are boys and girls, men and women, male and female, ladies and gentlemen. Doing away with these distinctions is not 'inclusive,' they are buying into the cult of gender ideology and alienating much of their fanbase of parents who aren't willing to deny the reality of sex and indoctrinate their children

Certainly, as a corporation, Disney has the right to do whatever it chooses within the law at its parks. Yet, as a corporation, it is increasingly becoming an advocate and promoter for LBGTQ lifestyles. With the recent revelations that Latoya Raveneau, an executive producer for Disney Television Animation, was purposely advancing, as she said, a 'not-at-all-secret gay agenda' for insertion into children's animation programming, and Disney CEO Bob Chapek promising to produce more LGBTQ content for the studio's youngest audience members, it is clear where Disney stands

Yet, those decisions may come at a cost. Most people don't want to make political decisions when choosing where to shop, eat, what products to buy (or avoid buying), what content to view, or where to vacation. Yet, the woke Left has made the personal political. Many corporations, to their discredit, have capitulated to the Leftist demands as Disney has and is doing. It demands corporations bow to their whims and has created a toxic working environment for employees who disagree. If Disney is looking to change its parks from 'The Happiest Place on Earth' to 'The Wokest Place on Earth,' they are well on their way.

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