‘Now is not the time’: Is border TX mayor right about end of Title 42?

Jacob Garcia / Reuters

Fact Box

  • Texas’ border city Mayor Javier Villalobos responded to the recent announcement terminating Title 42 expulsions on Fox News Digital saying, “Because of the problems we have with the new [COVID-19] variant that make that an issue [...] it is not the appropriate time right now.”
  • Title 42 was recently terminated which will end the Trump-era public health rule that was put in place to stop the spread of COVID. It is projected that the rule prevented 1.7 million migrants from entering the border in 2020. 
  • An April 2022 Morning Consult poll found 56% of voters disapprove of Biden’s Title 42 removal, with most opposition from Republicans (78%) and only 11% from Democrats. 
  • US Customs and Border Protection reported the number of migrant apprehensions at 221,303 in March 2022. The numbers shifted 33.4% since February with 165,894 migrant encounters.

Tyler (No)

Mcallen, Texas mayor Javier Villalobos is misguided in his statement insisting Title 42 is still necessary. The policy is not inclusive and is harmful to the development of a growing, diverse nation. 75% of border encounters have led to a Title 42 expulsion this year, actually an increase from the 69% under Trump. In March, more people were apprehended at the border than in the past 22 years. An abundance of resources is required to deport these migrants, who often come over in large groups (defined as 100 people or more), making them very difficult to apprehend by border patrol.

The concept of Title 42 is divisive and not productive for the progression of the United States. First enforced under Trump, the Title 42 policy has been increasingly seen as more of an inhumane expulsion than a legal deportation concerned with the human rights of those entering this country. Even the concept seems derogatory and hurtful towards migrants who come to America needing help and asylum

While it is intended to combat the spread of infectious diseases, there is no way to prove that not allowing immigrants would affect that. Also, the vaccine has proven to be quite effective. Over 94% of older people have protection from the virus because of the vaccine. Also, virus cases are down throughout half of the country. The average cases throughout the United States have gone down by 26% from the beginning of 2022. Title 42 needs to be done away with, and it is a matter of time before it finally and rightfully happens.

Siam (Yes)

Since Biden took office, Americans who live in Southern border states have been dealing with an aggressive record-breaking influx of migrants crossing the US-Mexico border. Frequent media reports detail how illegal immigration has facilitated chaos, danger, and increased drug and human trafficking, among other heinous things. Ending Title 42 would be disastrous, as even Democrats sound the alarm. 

On top of Texas having to deal with the COVID pandemic for the past two years, which took up a significant amount of federal funding, a new variant has been detected, leaving the state even more vulnerable. It's likely lifting Title 42 will lead to an extreme increase of migrants illegally entering America from Syria, Afghanistan, Ukraine, and Central and South America. Border Patrol has already apprehended 23 known terrorists who have crossed the border. 

There have been an average of 7,500 migrants a day crossing into the US since February 2022. The funding for all the expenses that occur as a result of healthcare, housing, transporting, and feeding these migrants come from hardworking American taxpayers. Border Patrol are already overwhelmed that ending Title 42 without Biden providing alternative plans to handling the inevitable wave of new illegal crossings will only worsen the situation all around.

Illegal migration is not only an issue for Texas but a national health concern as well; many migrants move into other parts of the US and soak up resources. And for those still concerned with the unmitigated spread of COVID, lifting title 42 may allow unvaccinated migrants who are carrying the virus into America’s interior. Border control can’t keep their numbers under control; they cannot also be expected to implement proper testing.

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