Biden 'not legitimately elected': Is Texas GOP resolution right?

Lola Gomez

Fact Box

  • The Republican Party of Texas released a 40-page document asserting, “We reject the certified results of the 2020 presidential election, and we hold that acting President Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. was not legitimately elected by the people of the United States.” Their claims were based on 2,000 Mules, a film based on the “widespread, coordinated voter fraud in the 2020 election.”
  • On November 7, 2020, media channels like CNN, PBS, Fox News, and Facebook broadcasted that Biden won the election with 290 electoral votes against Trump’s 214 votes. 
  • The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) released a statement on November 12, 2020, saying the November 3rd election was the “most secure” in American history. 
  • The US Census Bureau reported that the 2020 presidential election had the “highest voter turnout of the 21st century” with 155 million voters, which is 66.8 percent of citizens 18 and older. 
  • Conservative news sources like OAN claimed Dominion Voting Systems deleted 2.7 million votes for former President Donald Trump or switched them to President Joe Biden on November, 17, 2020. 
  • According to a 2017 study by the Brennan Center for Justice, the rate of voting fraud overall in the US is between 0.00004% and 0.0009%.

Andrew (No)

In choosing to add the bogus lies pushed by former president Trump and his apologists to their official party platform, the Texas GOP has shown that facts simply do not matter to them. The evidence overwhelmingly shows that Biden won both the popular vote, where he received over seven million more votes than Trump, and received 306 votes despite only needing 270 in the electoral college. In addition to independent electoral monitors declaring a completely free and fair election with no widespread irregularities, these numbers are important because of their magnitude. More people voted in this election than ever before, making it clear the American people resoundingly elected Joe Biden and rejected Donald Trump.

While the Texas GOP may dislike the election result, it is wrong for it to go after the system that produced the result. Undermining faith in our democracy puts all future elections in doubt, possibly reducing turnout and weakening our most sacred tradition, the peaceful transfer of power. Should Americans ever decide to elect a Republican president again, the GOP will surely want to claim the election was legitimate, yet their actions now weaken future elections.

Finally, Donald Trump's stranglehold over the Republican Party is toxic to the brand and dangerous for the nation. We simply cannot have such public figures blatantly disregarding facts. During the recent congressional hearings, the public has heard how close advisors to the former president attempted to push back on his delusions, but to little avail. Trump's refusal to give up the highest office in the government led to violence and chaos in the Capitol; his party should ditch the conspiratorial lies and stop embracing this false narrative.

Elisa (Yes)

Whether we like to admit it or not, fraud in elections has historically happened in the United States, with Tammany Hall being a famous example. This example shows how a corrupt political ring can buy out the votes of seemingly 'honest' politicians. Unfortunately, America has a long history of voter fraud continuing to this day. 

Currently, an estimated two-thirds of Republicans still believe the 2020 election was rigged, but this is not without cause. For example, there are reported inaccuracies and irregularities and even alleged illegal actions regarding absentee ballots. There was also a suspicious pipe burst in Georgia on the night of the election, which strangely happened as Biden appeared to be losing the election. Even stranger, Biden somehow won despite losing the historical bellwether counties, which have accurately predicted the president for the past 60 years.

Even if these circumstances do not raise alarms, Judge Michael Bohren reported unlawful drop-offs of absentee ballots, which could 'open the door to the possibility of fraud.' This is not to mention the 'very concerning evidence' of voter fraud in the California election, such as police finding 300 recall ballots and driver's licenses in a felon's car. 

Texas's claims are not outlandish, and citizens have a right to question the legitimacy of any election, even the president's. The 2000 Mules documentary, produced in Texas, documents the fraud of the 2020 election, and no matter where you fall on the political spectrum, it is important to check the 'hard facts' shown in the movie. In the end, one key principle to democracy is free and fair elections, and yes, that includes questioning the legitimacy of the president himself, especially when there is just cause.

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