Migrants found dead in truck result of Biden's 'deadly open border policies': Is TX Gov. right?

Eric Gay / AP

Fact Box

  • On June 27, 2022, a number of migrants were found dead in the back of an abandoned tractor-trailer in San Antonio, Texas. San Antonio Fire Chief Charles Hood said 16 people were taken to the hospital “weak” and suffering from heat exhaustion. By Wednesday, the death toll had reached 53, 40 males and 13 females. 
  • In response to the tragedy, Texas Governor Greg Abbott tweeted, “These deaths are on Biden. They are a result of his deadly open border policies. They show the deadly consequences of his refusal to enforce the law.”
  • White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre asserted, “The fact of the matter is the border is closed, which is in part why you see people trying to make this dangerous journey using smuggling networks” and mentioned the Biden administration is focused on holding the smugglers accountable. 
  • BBC News reported that San Antonio, Texas which is 150 miles from the US-Mexico border, is one of the main routes for human traffickers. On the Monday that the migrants were found, the temperature had reached 103℉ as summers are extremely hot. 
  • US Customs and Border Protection reported the number of migrant apprehensions reached 239,416 in May 2022, which was an uptick from the previous month with 235,478.

Elisa (Yes)

Deadly open border policies are directly responsible for 53 migrant deaths in San Antonio, with Texas Governor Abbot stating Biden has refused to enforce the law. Biden's policies promote what smugglers call 'La Invitación' to come to the United States, creating a major incentive for organized crime to profit from human trafficking. 

Biden represents a dangerous and destructive cultural zeitgeist in which the Democrats aid and abet human trafficking into the United States. With these 'porous' borders and easy access for illegal aliens to social programs, law enforcement is often forced to look the other way. For example, border agents who merely try to do their job are often villainized and harassed by the media, such as this horseback-riding border agent incident, contributing to a fear of enforcing border laws. These border agents were demoralized for trying to have integrity in what many would call a 'horrifying' job.  

Moreover, the deaths of these individuals represent what Homeland Security calls the 'deadliest human trafficking incident in US history,' and it could have been prevented by even a few of Trump's policies being implemented or held in place. The consequences of these border policies go beyond the truck tragedy in Texas; they infiltrate every aspect of our society, as 1.4 million illegal border crossings have occurred since Biden took office. While the deaths of these migrants are an unspeakable tragedy, we also have to remember that this issue also impacts US citizens in horrific ways, like the death of Mollie Tibbets, murdered by an illegal alien in Iowa. 

Along with overdoses, death, trafficking, crime, and endless tragedy, open borders are promoting the death of US sovereignty and, dare we say, the death of America's future itself. 

Andrew (No)

It's a sad but predictable truth that the Republican Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, would attempt to score a few political points from a humanitarian tragedy in his state. One wonders why Governor Abbott's response wasn't one of genuine sadness and a commitment to making sure more human lives aren't lost in his state. Abbott is wrong to use these human lives in such a sickening way to try to score one over on his political rivals. There is plenty that the Governor could do to ease migrant suffering, but he seems to view these humans as political pawns, opting to use their pain for political gain.

If the borders are truly as wide open as Governor Abbott suggests, why were these migrants hiding in the back of a truck, presumably after being smuggled across the border? The Biden administration is clearly not as lax on migrants crossing the border. Otherwise, they would not have needed to hide in such a dangerous manner. Governor Abbott's logic is faulty in this regard. Ironically, it's the hard and heavily guarded borders that Governor Abbott advocates for that push migrants into making more risky crossings. If it were easy for migrants to get into the United States, they wouldn't be risking their lives to cross in such risky ways.

The real blame for these unfortunate deaths lies with our outdated and ineffective immigration system. Nearly all recent presidents have pledged to tackle immigration, only to face intense gridlock in congress. This refusal to adjust and amend our current system renders it largely ineffective at coping with the demand at the southern border.

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