Is Biden right to continue 2024 Presidential campaign?

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  • CNN hosted the first debate of the 2024 presidential election cycle on June 27 between former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden, who was widely reported and perceived as not having performed well. Many prominent Democrats along with the media establishment have since called for Biden to drop out.
  • The July 2024 Emerson College national poll has Trump up at a 46% favorability rate to Biden’s 43%. However, FiveThirtyEight has Trump at 42.1% and Biden at 39.9%. For Biden’s current approval rating, Reuters/Ipsos records it at 37%. Trump’s approval rating was 34% when leaving office in 2021.
  • Dr. Kevin Cannard, a Parkinson’s expert, is known to have visited the White House eight times across eight months. Biden’s physician, Dr. Kevin O’Connor, confirmed these visits were from a “neurological specialist that examined President Biden for each of his annual physicals.'
  • President Biden (81) is currently the oldest to ever hold the office of the US presidency. Ronald Reagan (77) and Donald Trump (71) follow in succession as oldest presidents.

Curtice (Yes)

Being US President is the most powerful job in the world. It cannot be entrusted to an individual who is declining cognitively, as it requires someone who has their full mental capacities. Biden's current state shows he is clearly lacking.

The first Trump-Biden debate since 2020 displayed Biden’s current mental state, which could not be brushed aside as just a 'bad night' or that he had a cold. Biden stumbled, spoke incoherently, and searched unsuccessfully for words as, at one point, he mixed up terms and trailed off mid-sentence before bizarrely claiming, “We finally beat Medicare.' This is not the first time he has displayed a lack of mental and physical capacity to be president.

Biden's decline has been ongoing for years. Yet, his deterioration has been dutifully covered up by the mainstream media, who have long been aware of it. However, Biden's disastrous performance in the debate forced them to acknowledge it publicly, reporting on how Democrats were in 'full-on panic.’ And now, voters have taken notice. Even some congressional Democrats, prominent party leaders, and media allies have suggested Biden step aside.

America cannot afford to have a president who exudes such weakness at home and abroad, demonstrates severe cognitive limitations, and even a lack of awareness—an actual national security risk. In February, Biden was described by Special Counsel Robert Hur as 'an elderly man with a poor memory' who was unable to remember when he was vice president. This was his official reasoning for not recommending Biden stand trial for the same classified documents issue for which Trump was charged. If Biden is too old and in too poor a mental state to survive trial, he is undoubtedly unfit to survive a second presidential term.

Rob (Yes)

America goes to the ballot, and once again, it’s Trump vs ‘the other guy’ or simply ‘the better option.’ Biden has done well in office—enough to beat the approval rating of one former president’s first term. While opponents claim Biden scapegoats any issues in his term on inheriting a country during an unprecedented pandemic, which greatly destabilized not only the US but economies worldwide, Biden has delivered on his campaign promises and should continue toward a second term.

Biden oversaw the rescue and change of the economy post the COVID-19 pandemic, along with the creation of a record number of jobs in the fight against unemployment. His re-election would ensure stability in the economy, and continuity for ongoing initiatives like the American Rescue Plan and climate change policies. This would ensure that the new administration does not cut these projects if Biden leaves office. 

However, there are also obvious concerns about President Biden’s age and ability to serve as POTUS. According to his doctor, however, he’s shown the mental acuity and physical health needed for the presidency. He's also backed by a capable team of advisors, as well as regular medical evaluations, meaning he’ll have all the support he needs for another four years in office.

Trump, being the opposition, means realistically, America’s only other option besides Biden has a racist past, whose stint as president was mired in controversies, and who's also now a convicted felon. Unlike Trump, whose political approach often stirs political and social divisions and caters to a narrower base, President Biden’s administration reflects the nation's diversity, ensuring that different voices and perspectives are well represented in the government.

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